Genuine Brand Blank Verse

"Genuine Blank Verse"
The "Pataphysical Hardware Company.

Toronto: 18 May 1985.



From jwcurry, "the ''Pataphysical Hardware Company was formed by bpNichol in may 1985 in practical homage to Alfred Jarry's Doctor Faustroll. it was launched in a demonstration booth at L'Affaire ''Pataphysique in Toronto, the catalogue containing a few more items than were actually produced in time for the fair (& leaving numerological room for many more). [...] barrie died in late september 1988, putting an end to his plans of producing any further items. much was made of the PHC in critical work about bp but the material itself had only ever been displayed once & didn't really receive the distribution it deserved, a good chunk of stuff being swallowed up at L'Affaire & the rest going into a box in bp's closet, the only further distribution being Eleanor Nichol's donation of some of the backstock for inclusion in the grOnk MayDay Mailout anthology produced by Nicky Drumbolis & i (which didn't occur until 1994) & random sales of individual items by 2 booksellers: Nelson Ball & myself (through Room 3o2 Books)."


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