Ear Rational: Sound Poems 1970-1980

Ear Rational: Sound Poems 1970-1980.
Milwaukee: New Fire Tapes, 1982.

A1 Dada Lama (1966)
A2 Pome Poem (1972)
A3 060173 (1973)
A4 Eight Part Suite (1971)
A5 Cosmic Piece For Orchestra & Chorus (1969) Voice, Tape [Cheap Cassette] – bpNicholVoice, Vocoder – Steve McCaffery
A6 Art In Upheaval (begun 1979)
A7 Generations Generated (1977)
A8 Afternoon Attentions (1973)
A9 "meeln" (1973)

B1 Acres Rare Meet (1977) Performer – David Penhale, Michael Dean (2), Paul Dutton, Richard Truhlar, Steve McCaffery, Steven Smith (6)
B2 Ballads Of The Restless Are (1967)
B3 White Text Sure: Version 1 (1978)
B4 Outsize Reference (1973)
B5 Translating Translating Apollinaire 52 (1978)
B6 The Alphabet Game (1972)
B7I nterupted Nap (1976 To 80)

Liner Notes:

Ear Rational contains all the single voice pieces i composed in the years 1970 thru 1980 other than sections of The Martyrology Bk V & a part of the May Day Book. In addition i have included: a live recording of the only seven voice piece I've done, Acres Rare Meet; an alternate version of Dada Lama, previously unreleased; the first adequate realization of my composition Cosmic piece for Orchestra & Chorus; and the only remaining unrecorded single voice text from the 60's - Ballads Of The Restless Are. In the seventies I put the bulk of my energy in sound into composing for & with the Four Horsemen. In the single voice pieces the interest began to shift toward the more narrative & prose-based concerns evident in the most recent compositions on this tape, Interupted Nap & Art In Upheaval. This cassette is dedicated to Steve McCaffery, my partner in the C rimes in both the Toronto Research Group & the Four Horsemen. bpNichol, Toronto, January 1982 

Dada Lama was recorded at CBC Studios (Toronto) circa 1969 
The Alphabet Game was recorded at CBC Studios (Toronto) circa 1972 
Acres Rare Meet was recorded live in Toronto, October 1977 
All others were recorded at the studios of T.R.G. January 10, 1982 

New Fire Tapes a division of Membrane Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.